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 How to Buy Wide Leg Boots Online_1676

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PostSubject: How to Buy Wide Leg Boots Online_1676   Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:30 am

How to Buy Wide Leg Boots Online

Anyone with bigger calves has probably had to deal with the disappointment and frustration that comes from looking for wide leg boots in regular shoe stores. Whether you're an athlete with a lot of muscle, built with heavier calves than the average person, or plus sized, you're probably sick of dealing with tight boots and zippers that break all too easily.Fortunately, there's a solution that doesn't involve forgoing boots forever. Boots are currently a fashion essential, and no one wants to do without. Instead, consider ordering online from wide boot specialty retailers. After all, except for a few clunky, flexible boot styles like Uggs, most boots are made to fit very closely. You can find larger calf sizes in certain brands, if you know where to look.Some styles are better for large legs than others. If you're trying to find styles that will fit but that aren't specialty types, you'll want to look for certain types of boots. Remember that this isn't a cure all, since very large calves won't fit these boots. However, for those whose calves are only a little too wide, stretch boots from suede-look fabric may do the trick. This kind of boots will offer a comfortable fit and make your legs look slimmer - just be sure they don't feel like they're going to cut off your circulation. If you find this happening, go for the online stores instead. Remember that stretch boots often look too small at first, but that in most cases they expand to fit. Another good choice for women whose calf sizes are close to standard is the slouch boot.Ankle boot wearers won't find buying boots a problem, but they should remember that if you're wearing ankle boots without trousers, the size of your calves will be highlighted. This can make them look larger than they really are, and is probably the major reason that celebrity attempts to wear short boots and short skirts have never really taken off.Whether they have a heel or are flat soled, fashion boots can be a much bigger deal if you have wide calves. Since they're unyielding, and usually don't have lacing or stretch panels, they're hard to find in sizes that fit larger calves. These are the most popular boots right now, and many of us have outfits that demand this boot style. That means that if you're interested in being fashionable or you love high, sleek boots, you need to think about fit.There are plenty of stores online offering styles that fit large calves. Buying online is simple, though it's important to check the return policy of the seller in case your boots don't fit. Measure the biggest part of your calf before you buy, then match that number to your ordinary shoe size on the chart.Shaft height is another important factor, especially for those with long legs and those women who are on the petite side. Fortunately, if you have a problem measuring yourself, the majority of wide boots have a little stretch built in. These wide leg boots are a wonderful choice for anyone who has a hard time finding boots to fit, but still wants to look great.

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How to Buy Wide Leg Boots Online_1676
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