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 Stand Out with Carlos By Carlos Santana Shoes_1108

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PostSubject: Stand Out with Carlos By Carlos Santana Shoes_1108   Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:45 pm

Stand Out with Carlos By Carlos Santana Shoes

Having a date with a beautiful girl is every mans dream. It happened to me yesterday. She looked so gorgeous in her outfit. She dresses precisely. This way of this girl dresses is enough to steal every mans attention.Her way in mixing and matching her dress and her shoes is very creative. I did not even understand where the idea came from as she can have them well suited one another. The motif and color made her looked beautiful.As an ordinary man, I got excited watching her in such gorgeous dress.Suddenly, I woke my self up from that pleasure and wondered what made her so gorgeous that evening. Then I quickly moved my eyes to pay attention to details. I looked her from hair to toe. I finally realize that the style of her shoes, that suited the color and motif of her dress, made her looks gorgeous. After that exciting dinner, I admired the way she picked up that shoes and asked her to tell me more about the shoes. At first she did not reveal the brand. She only told me that she should find this shoes long time a go before she bought her previous collections. It just made me curious. Finally she told me the brand. It is a Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes. She said that at first she got confuse because she knew that Carlos Santana is a brand for the famous guitarist who has the famous song. Moreover, she told me that Carlos Santana Shoes makes her legs look sexier. Of course, I had the same view with her. Today, she still wears the same Carlos Santana Shoes whenever she goes with me. She said that Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes is the shoes brand she likes best.

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Stand Out with Carlos By Carlos Santana Shoes_1108
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