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 The Bubble Dress Ashlee Simpson Would Wear_2091

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PostSubject: The Bubble Dress Ashlee Simpson Would Wear_2091   Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:10 am

The Bubble Dress Ashlee Simpson Would Wear

This dress is for those of us who are fun and young at heart. This dress may be more to the simple side, but it has a unique flair that captures Ashlee Simpson's style. If you are looking for some flair in your life this is the dress that will do that.The material of this dress is so nice for the summer time because it is lightweight and comfortable. I love jersey knit clothes because they really are so comfortable, but you can design them to be as cute as you want them to be! Jersey knit are so obedient to the designers vision!The neckline of this fabulous Miss Sixty dress is supposedly scoop neck. Well, in my opinion unless there is something bad going on with my eyes the neckline looks squared. Either way the dress is still awesome!I am just going to accept that this dress has a sqaure neckline! This dress also has a great racer back and rib inset in the neck area.The logo pin that comes on this dress is so cute. It really adds a more fun element to this simple dress. Miss Sixty did a great job with this logo pin. The cool thing about it is that you can take it off the strap and pin it somewhere else.This Miss Sixty dress is more to the simple side; bubble dresses are usually more simple than the rest.The good news is that this logo pin gives this dress a nice spunky flair!Study Ashlee Simpson's style and you will notice that even though her clothes are more to the basic side you will notice some fun little elements. The little elements are creative and gives her a more edgy look. That is what this dress does.The way this dress hangs is very impressive. This dress will look great on you just the way it would on Ashlee Simpson. I think it hangs so well because this jersey material is lined so it hangs sold with nice folds.I think the trick in having this dress hang that way is that it is fully lined with same material as the shell of the dress!Another great benefit of this is that there are no closures like zippers and buttons you can just throw it on and go.There is a way to make this dress more edgy and that is to wear jeans with it. In fact, light colored slim jeans will look great with this dress. If you are not fond of that look, don't wear jeans. You can just wear this dress with open toe shoes.Normally, you would have to pay $199.00, but if you go over to you will be able to get this dress for $107.10. That is a really great deal for an Ashlee Simpson dress.For $238.00,which is a 53% discount off the original price you can get some incredible Charles Nolan boots!

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The Bubble Dress Ashlee Simpson Would Wear_2091
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